Unique Line Trading (ULT) is the one and only distributor of professional keratin products in Middle East, was established in 1998, with main office in Dubai, UAE. ULT is a private company, categorized as a wholesale merchandiser of Crystal Hair Treatments.

Our Keratin Products/Treatments cater to everyone looking for the perfect hair with a transformation to straight, silky smooth hair resulting in as little as two hours. This product works on any and every type of hair, converting frizzy, curly, dry, chemically processed, wavy and even damaged hair into straight, silky smooth hair that lasts for months. Our products are made available to any professional hair dressers who are looking to perform the Brazilian/Crystal/Collagen Keratin Treatment for their clients.

From shampoos and to the Keratin product itself, we supply our customers with anything they need in order to perform the Brazilian/ Crystal/ Collagen Keratin Treatment.

With years of experience we have successfully established a strong relationship with many beauty salons all over UAE region.

NOTE: This product should only be used by an experienced professional to ensure safety of both the recipient and the hair dresser when handling the Brazilian/Crystal/Collagen Keratin Treatment system.

Thank you!