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Crystal Hair Protein Professional Treatment

Crystal Hair Protein Cleansing Shampoo STEP 1

Based on natural elements developed to deep clean and open the cuticles. Instructions: Wash the hair with HAIR PROTEIN CLEANSING SHAMPOO, massage hair along its entire length, thus ensuring thorough cleaning and opening the cuticles

Crystal Hair Protein Mousse Gloss STEP 2

Developed with soy protein and amino biocompatible natural extracts. It is CHEMICAL-FREE promoting the immediate change in the hair. Controls the volume and eliminates the frizz. Instructions: After washing with CRYSTAL HAIR PROTEIN CLEANSING SHAMPOO, dry the hair 100% and then apply CRYSTAL HAIR PROTEIN MOUSSE GLOSS layer per layer following the same procedure all over the hair. Wait between 15 to 60 minutes while observing the wire elasticity. After the wait period, wash the hair 100% removing all product and drying it then fully. Divide the hair into equal parts and pass the flat iron on thin layers of the hair